Make money
in multiple

One product, all the payment flows — unlike other providers, Rainforest can be used to send money in multiple directions. The result? Seamless customer experiences, higher revenue.

Accept payments

Facilitate payments from users to your customers.

Unlock payments

Accept card and ACH for one-time or recurring payments — it’s completely up to you.

Approve more customers

Increase approval rates with account updater and ACH verification for better customer experiences.

Scale your business

Grow your platform’s revenue faster than ever before with instant funding.

Yes, Rainforest works with that too

As well as working with providers like Visa, Mastercard, and Amex, we offer ACH as an additional on-par payment rail.

Send payments

Enable payments from your customers to their users.

Move funds

With Rainforest Pay, you can send funds to vendors or users via ACH, RTP, or push-to-card.

Increase access

Get super easy access to standard and instant payout options, no matter where you are.

Minimize risk

Reduce the chance of money transmitter risks to your business with FBO accounts.