Platform Spotlight

Software platforms in virtually every industry — from healthcare and retail to construction, logistics and trucking — are choosing Rainforest.

Drew Mercer, CEO & Co-founder, PayGround


Our deep client partnerships set Rainforest apart

From day one, Rainforest came alongside PayGround and really helped us improve our payment strategy. For us to focus on software that helps patients understand and pay their medical bills, and then partner with Rainforest to accomplish the payments complexities on the back end, was a win-win situation.

Drew Mercer

CEO & Co-founder, PayGround

The Rainforest team invests a lot in the success of their customers, the platforms and developers who work with them. They’ve made themselves super easy to reach and you don’t get redirected through a support maze to get help. They’re a delight to work with – transparent, responsive, collaborative, and always willing to solve problems together and overcome obstacles.

Thomas Chau


We were very early in the process of completing a technical review of Rainforest’s solution when we realized they mastered every aspect that was a requirement for us to deliver the perfect experience. It was obvious to me that many of the team had been in our shoes.

JD Rocheteau

CEO & Co-founder, QuoteMachine

Thank you for the level of support you’ve given us as we implement our solution with Rainforest. It’s great to see how much care you all bring to your craft, and we hope to be just as diligent and passionate about our own craft here.

Deepan Thavarajah

Engineering Manager, Rose Rocket

The Rainforest team have been extremely collaborative partners ever since our first interaction and maintained that relationship with every connection since. They are helpful, proactive and unbelievably knowledgeable. It was clear right away that they were the best choice for us and we are reminded of that everyday.

Danny Diede

Director of Payments

I can say in all my years of doing this, Rainforest is one of the best partners I have worked with, hands down.

Adam Holden

Head of Payments

QuoteMachine CEO shares his experience with Rainforest