One platform, all the 
tools you need to grow

Rainforest is the all-in-one platform to embed, manage, and report on payment processing within your software.

Start processing payments in days, not months. Use Rainforest’s embedded components to reduce development work and get to revenue faster.

Build robust payment rails

Facilitate payments via major providers like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as same-day ACH and Plaid verification.

Access faster payouts

Enjoy standard next-day payouts, plus instant same-day options like RTP and push-to-card.*

* RTP and push-to-card coming soon

Grow in omnichannel mode


Cody Fisher

Feb 23, 7:01 PM

$10,200.99 USD



Guy Hawkins

Feb 23, 6:53 PM

$4,999.99 USD



Caroline Anderson

Feb 21, 13:12 PM

$2,259.99 USD



Sarah Brody

Feb 20, 11:17 AM

$19,999.99 USD



Wade Warren

Feb 20, 9:23 AM

$4,750.00 USD


Multiple methods

Integrate several payment methods into a single, uniform, and seamless customer experience.

Card present

Unlock card present and online payments in a single customer experience.

Gateway mode

Connect to other processors to support legacy portfolios with gateway mode – all via the same integration.

Payment tools to help your business thrive

Merchant onboarding

Rainforest fully manages risk, handles compliance, and onboards your merchant customers.

Card payments

Grow your revenue streams and make cost savings with Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover payments.

ACH payments

Enable direct deposits and direct payments via ACH. We’ll handle account verification and help you make cost savings, without additional risk.

Low-code components

Reduce development time with pre-built, embeddable components for payments, reporting, chargebacks, onboarding, and more.


Enable instant bank payouts or push-
to-card payments. Boost adoption and increase margin in the process.

Third-party pay-ins

Unlock alternative payment methods like fleet checks and integrate embedded lending providers.

Payments on your terms. See how Rainforest’s features work for you.

Finance teams

Keep your eyes on the target

Start monetizing payments by reducing attrition, improving margins, and driving higher valuations.


Find more hours in the day

Let Rainforest take over merchant onboarding checks like KYC, minimize compliance risk, and reduce operational overhead. It just works, so that you can too.


Build a better payments platform

With just a single API, Rainforest offers everything developers need to embed payments processing into their platform. Faster than ever before.