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      * This model is provided for your use to estimate your potential revenue by monetizing your existing (or future) user base with Rainforest. This model is NOT inclusive of all fee types or revenue types. This model does NOT include Rainforest’s Risk Management fee, which is based on risk levels assessed during Platform onboarding and underwriting. This model uses an annualized overview of revenue. However, Rainforest tiered fees for card volume and count are based on monthly volumes, not annualized. This model is an indicative estimation only, and is not a guarantee of future revenue. Rainforest disclaims all warranties, express or implied, in connection with your use of this model, and makes no representations about the accuracy or completeness of the content.

      Please note that the downloadable Excel and Google Sheet models will not necessarily match the above results as they contain additional variables.

      What is interchange-plus pricing?

      We lead with a buy-rate, interchange-plus pricing model, and have no revenue split. See how much money you could save versus a flat rate model below.

      Card Transaction Fees + interchange & DFA at passthrough

      Monthly Dollar Volume


      $0m - $5m


      $5m - $15m


      $15m - $25m


      Monthly Transaction Volume

      Per Item

      0 - 50k


      50k - 150k


      150k - 250k


      For higher volume pricing, feel free to reach out to a member of our sales team.

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      ACH & Payment Fees

      Standard Payout

      $0.20 / item

      ACH Transaction

      $0.20 / item

      Risk Management Fee

      Risk Dependent

      Other Fees

      ACH Account Validation

      $1.50 / validation

      Account Updater

      $0.20 / item

      Disputes & Returns

      $10 / item

      EMV Terminal Monthly Fee

      $10 / terminal

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