Is high-touch customer support scalable?

April 8, 2024

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Is high-touch customer support scalable?

We get this question a lot, and the answer is absolutely YES.

Here are three things we do at Rainforest to make sure our signature white-glove support can scale with us:

1. Continuously improve the product

Some support touchpoints are symptoms of an underlying problem.

We once declared an incident over a $6.34 billing error.

Many companies would have corrected the error but not determined the root cause.

Failure to address the root cause just means more errors as the business grows, and more support resources responding to errors.

We investigated and fixed the root cause so the error wouldn’t recur.

A $6.34 billing error might not be a big deal on its own, but this is the approach we take to every issue.

All these incremental improvements compound to create a product that works exactly as intended.

Which frees up our support team to focus on high impact activities, like helping Platforms with interchange optimization and GTM strategy.

2. Optimize internal processes

Last week we signed a new Platform on Friday afternoon, and our Platform Support team got them started on their implementation the same day.

We were able to do this because we have enough structure that everyone knows what needs to be done, and enough agility to make it happen the same day.

We’re improving internal handoffs, updating templates based on what does and doesn’t work, implementing a new CRM, and automating behind-the-scenes tasks that don’t require a human touch.

And we view everything through the lens of how to best support our Platform partners.

3. Build an exceptional team

We hire exceptional people with a passion for quality and customer service. Every single team member is a subject matter expert committed to the success of our customers.

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